The Engine Room Ltd

  Marine Diesel Specialists

The Engine Room carries a very comprehensive range of spare parts and products for your boating needs.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a friendly and efficient service, and we are not afraid to go that extra mile for you!


Here are just some parts and products we stock:

Single Lever Controller

Side mounting, for controlling engine speed and gearbox selection.

Water Lock

Small "step down" water lock. Fits hoses inside diameter 38mm, 44mm, and 50mm.

Castrol RX Plus 15W-40

4L. For heavy duty diesel engines. Suitable for Beta Marine Engines, Bukh and more.

Complete CAV Fuel Filter

CAV filters separate water and sediment from fuel, protecting your engine and injectors from unnecessary wear.

6.5L Oil Extractor

6.5 Litre, Auto Stop "Manually Operated" Oil and Fluid Extractor. Complete with probe kit to suit various dip sticks.

RCP Cooling Treatment

PrixMax RCP is a low toxic, environmentally friendly inhibitor concentrate.

CRC Brakleen - 600g

Non-staining, non-corrosive & leaves no residue.
Cleans without disassembly.

Sound Insulation

1m x 2m. Acoustic foam. 5kg Barrier material.

Can be supplied in half sheets.

Castrol RX Mono 30

5L. Excellent protection in a wide range of diesel engines where monograde oils are recommended.
All prices are in NZD and are inclusive of GST.